Veroboard template

veroboard template

Stripboard templates

If you’re a veroboard layout designer you’ve probably used graph paper to come up with your stripboard planning sheet. I’ve included some stripboard templates that you can download and print off instead.

Stripboard planning sheet

The first one is a pretty standard stripboard design. It’s one that I have used many times and you can just use part of it obviously for smaller circuits. I tend to start in the middle, if there are any unexpected expansions you will have some spare space, then when you’ve finished you can see what size board you’ll need.

Veroboard template

The next one is a veroboard template that you may find useful if you are transferring a breadboard design to a veroboard as it is a template of a standard breadboard. You can almost just move a component over, one at a time.

Stripboard layout planning sheet

One of the problems I found with the normal veroboard is that when mounting lots of IC’s there is a lot of track cutting. That’s when I found the board below. It’s got a cut all the way down the middle so is ideal for designs with multiple IC’s. You can readily get these veroboards and I’ve included a link from amazon.

Veroboard layout designer

I’m quite a fan of veroboards. You can read why I like them here. The more I got into them the more complex designs I found and realised they would make some of my more complex designs easier. As you can see the board below is ideal for larger designs where lots or IC’s are needed. It also has lines running up and down that are ideal for power rails.

Once you get into more complex veroboard circuit design you may find it difficult using paper print outs. If you’re considering software options to help in designing you can read about that here. It’s something I was very glad that I got into.