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Antex XS25 Review

Why it's hard to beat the Antex XS25

This is a strange review for me to do as I’m reviewing a product that I’ve owned for over twenty years. It’s still available and hasn’t changed as far as I can make out, probably because it hasn’t had to. That’s one of the advantages of getting a product that’s been manufactured by a company that’s been around for years and making the same product for years. Carry on reading to find out why, in my opinion this is the best soldering iron for electronics.

Although no one can see into the future I would say that it’s a fair bet that the Antex XS25 Soldering Iron soldering iron will continue to be manufactured for a fair few years yet.

the best soldering iron for electronics My Antex XS25

Specification wise its 25 watt iron weighing 260g and with a length of 20cm and being able to heat its tip up to 370 C.

What do want a soldering iron to do? Obviously solder but you'll also realise you want various other features when you’ve been using an iron for a while. You want it to be comfortable in your hand to use and not be too heavy. The Antex XS25 is light weight, well balanced and feels right. It’s manufactured in England and comes in the standard Antex yellow colour. There are currently 8 different types and sizes of tips available and a replacement element also available, manufacturer reference E580060.

Antex XS25 Tips

You don’t have to look very far to find replacement tips for the Antex XS25 Soldering Iron. It’s worth buying a variation of sizes and I can verify that there are of a high quality long life plated iron and will last a long time if you look after them see tinning a soldering iron.

best soldering iron for electronics Antex XS25 new improved tip

If you check out the Amazon reviews for the iron it gets a very good 4.8 out of 5 with very few people saying anything negative about it. There is however one thing to bear in mind, some have said that the PVC cable is quite heavy and makes the iron sometimes difficult as it tries to pull you in the direction that it wants. This is something that I can’t say has really affected me. Mine is used on a bench with a wall mounted socket in just the right place but I can see how if you had it plugged into an extension or something it might be more of a problem.

There are different versions of the Antex XS25 available, not only in voltage, which are 12v, 24v and 230v but it is also available with PVC or silicon cables. I can confirm that after using both, the Antex XS25 with Silicone Cable is more flexible and less rigid, so if you think this may cause you a problem go for the slightly more expensive silicon cable version.

All in all I find it difficult to fault the Antex XS25 soldering iron. It was the first proper soldering iron I had. It’s not the cheapest iron you’ll find, but then you can hardly describe it as being expensive either. I don’t think any of the cheaper irons would have lasted this long but it’s not only lasted it’s still doing the job it was bought for perfectly well and you can still get tips for it and that looks like continuing for a long while. With a little more power than the Antex CS18, It's the best soldering iron for electronics.