Soldering robot kits

Robotic kits for beginners

When it comes to hobby electronics there’s not much that beats a robot. When you show people a soldering robot kit you can see the excitement. I don’t know whether it’s the movement, the science fiction stuff or what but you don’t get the same level of interest when you show them the plant pot thing that flashes an LED when it needs watering.

Although it’s unlikely you will have a full blown humanoid robot even a smaller device still has the robot factor. Soldering robot kits have taken on many diverse forms and functions and there are some at unbelievably low prices.

For the price and what you actually get the ESCAPE ROBOT EDUCATIONAL ELECTRONICS SELF ASSEMBLY KIT takes some beating. What do you get in this soldering robot kit? In a word everything, full instructions, components and every nut and bolt. Speaking of instructions, I doubt they were written by a native English speaker but they are good enough to follow. Batteries are not included though, of which you require 4 AAA’s.

This six legged robot will apparently find its way out of a maze. I can’t confirm that this is the case as I don’t have a maze or even the space for a maze to try it out. I can confirm that it will move around objects though. So it’s ready for when I move into my mansion, complete with robot maze.

There isn’t really much I can say that’s bad about this kit. Don’t expect it to be robust though. You need to keep an eye on it as it’s going around because it definite won’t survive granddad treading on it.

Expect to take several hours to put it together and expect to learn loads. It’s a great educational project. For electronic construction, soldering, motors and gears and movement. It’s all here and with the circuit you can figure out how it works. One last thing this soldering robotic kit makes a fantastic gift.

I’m particularly fond of the Electronic Line Following Robot DIY Kit soldering robot kit. This is because at school for my “Control Technology” O-Level project I had to build a line following robot from scratch so I know exactly how hard it was. Just to make something with two motors to be able to steer was hard enough then there were the sensors and writing the software for the Sinclair ZX81 that sat on top of it. When I take a look at this kit I wonder why I didn’t do it like that and the price is embarrassingly low. I dread to think what I spent to build my project.

Again this kit is complete down to the last nut and bolt but requires 2 AA batteries. The circuit board is nicely made and shaped with very clear printing. You’ll find it hard to put anything in the wrong place. All the clever gearing and axels stuff takes place inside the motor housings with the wheels just fitting on them. It does mean you miss out on that particular part of the assemble process so it’s not as educational as some kits but on the other hand it does make it easier. This really is a beginner’s kit and it’s very quick to put together.