Best soldering station for electronics

Why not just use a soldering iron?

This guide will help you find the best soldering station for electronic. As I grew up electronics went from being an after school hobby to a career. I went from university technician, to production environments though to vending machines and missile systems. The one thing they all had in common was that the professionals always used soldering stations. After going back from my day job using them to my hobby soldering iron in the evening I could see why.

The advantages of a solder station over a soldering iron

  • The first one for me is safety, a solder station provides a firm solid place to hold your iron when its hot. I still see people balancing them on all sorts of objects. The lead is usually heavier than the iron theses days and that can cause then to fall on the floor or off the item you balanced them on. Even the proper stands that you can buy for the job are usually too light weight. I’ve knocked many over leading to burns on the carpet or worst to me. Over the years I’ve burnt holes in the flooring and melted a plastic clock next to a soldering iron when it got too close and burnt its way through before I smelt it. Believe me it’s not worth the hassle. A solder station provides you with the very best way to protect against accidents. It has a solid base and the iron lead is short and light and ideal for soldering. Just for that reason alone I would always go with a solder station.
  • Secondly you have temperature control. With modern components being so small and only requiring a low heat you don’t want to be trying to solder with something that’s too hot and risk burning the component. Likewise some of the component pads on circuit boards are extremely small compared to what they used to be. Too much heat can easily lift them off the board. On the other hand if you’re wiring up panel components like sockets and variable resistors you don’t want to overly cook them because you can’t get enough heat quick enough to the joint. Yep a temperature control is something you need to have these days more than ever.
  • Thirdly ESD, or electro static discharge. I’m sure your well aware that you can damage sensitive components due to static shocks. That’s why we use earthed wrist straps, but our soldering iron can cause static electricity and blow devices when you apply it to a printed circuit board. The molten solder conducts the charge around the board. Again these days’ parts are becoming smaller and more sensitive. It’s just not worth the time that you could spend trying to locate problems that ESD can cause. Remember as well that it might not totally have destroyed a component but even worse, made it unreliable or out of tolerance leading to all sorts of unexpected results and time consuming problems for you. The best soldering station protect against ESD. 

What makes the best soldering station for electronics?

  • To take full advantage of the temperature control of the station you need to have a fairly high wattage iron. If it too small it will struggle at higher temperatures.
  • Related to the wattage issue, it should be able to heat up quickly. Not only will this mean you’re waiting less to start soldering but also it will stay nearer the temperature you set when you are soldering larger items. The size of some terminals can conduct heat away from the iron.
  • Obviously cost is going to be a factor, not only the initial cost of the item but also things that you will need to keep it running, new sponges but mainly tips. What You might have thought of being the best soldering station might not be when you see how much new tips cost.

Below, you'll find examples of the best soldering stations that I consider worthy for inclusion, obviously the better ones cost more, however you can still find valid purchases in all price ranges.

312089A Variable Temperature Soldering Station

  • Variable Temperature Control 150c to 450c.
  • LED Power Indicator.
  • Fitted with a fine point bit.
  • Compact Design with Iron Stand.
Sivitech SC747 best soldering station for electronics

The Good Stuff:

  • The price! This is amazingly cheap. You can try out what its like to use a solder station and get a feel of the advantages for yourself without breaking the bank.
  • This is one of the best selling stations on the Amazon website  lots of people have bought one these and are pretty happy with it for the price.

The Bad Stuff:

  • Its made in China. Its not the best manufacturing quality.
  • Some people have reported reliability issues some units have failed and some have reported the handle getting too hot.

4.5/5 Stars

Professional 48W LCD Display Soldering Station N34FB

  • Indication on the display of the set and actual temperature.
  • Temperature range of 150C - 450C.
  • Voltage of iron 24V.
Professional 48w best soldering station for electronics

The Good Stuff:

  • Quick to heat up you wont have to wait around to start soldering.
  • Digital control of the temperature you can see what you have set it at and also the actual temperature so you'll know when its ready to use and you can see any drops while you solder.
  • Affordable price gets the balance between cost and quality just about right.

The Bad Stuff:

  • Tips are a bit expensive some of the other stations bits are quite a bit cheaper.

4.5/5 Stars

Maplin A55KJ 60W Professional LCD Solder Station with ESD Protection

  • ESD Safe - you can use this for static sensitive devices.
  • Buttons to pre-set your stored temperature settings.
  • Temperature range of 150C - 450C.
  • Screen for temperature read out.
maplin a55kj best soldering station for electronics

The Good Stuff:

  • Another station that's quick to heat up

The Bad Stuff:

  • Some users have reported that although being a 60W iron it is not particularly powerful and can take a while to recover its temperature whilst soldering.

4.5/5 Stars

Weller WS 81 Soldering Station

  • Temperature control between 150°C to 450°C.
  • 80W Power Rating.
  • 24V Iron Voltage.
  • Analogue Rotary Control.
weller ws81 best soldering station for electronics

The Good Stuff:

  • Professional quality, Weller have been making soldering equipment for a long time.
  • Built to last,  you wont need to replace this in a hurry.
  • Lots of spare parts available, if you every need to replace anything.

The Bad Stuff:

  • The cost, top performance but it doesn't come cheap.

5/5 Stars

And The Winner Is..?

The best soldering station for electronic is the Weller WS 81 Soldering Station Analog 80W 230V. It's the best construction and is thoroughly professional but it also the most expensive in this round up, so if money isn't a problem, its the one to get. 

If however you are on a budget and you want more bang for your buck my choice would be the PROFESSIONAL 48W LCD DISPLAY SOLDERING IRON STATION NEW. It definitely gives you value for money and lets you get with soldering without worrying about burning components and lifting PCB tracks. This is the best soldering station for electronics for the price.

the best soldering station for electronics


The Best Value Soldering Station you can buy 

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With its clear temperature display, easy of use and quality, In my opinion, this is the best soldering station, its a purchase that you wont be disappointed with.

This soldering station fulfills the necessary criteria for a no nonsense tool. You can forget about it and just get on with the job.